21 July 2013

Puerto Vallarta Part 2

PV 179


PV 181


PV 186A

We had a couple of thunder and lightening storms in the evening. Very cool!


PV 190


PV 198

Mexican lizards are huge!


PV 203A

My usual M.O. by the pool.


PV 216A

I enjoyed some tasty seafood ceviche with saltine crackers for lunch. Muy Delicioso!! Someone ordered the burger and was disappointed. Lesson learned… when in Mexico, order Mexican! Winking smile


PV 218


PV 221

He’s still got it.


PV 224A


PV 235A

I’m not quite sure what’s happening to my hair here. LOL!   I blame it on the humidity. Smile


PV 238A

Why yes, that is a fine tequila he just poured onto our fajitas.


PV 253

A little pottery painting on the beach.


PV 254


PV 276-001

Mi Familia.

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