09 December 2016

Favorites Things Friday

Here's all my favs from the week!

So our books are pretty much EVERYWHERE and Zach manages to use them as step stools.

We finally got a 4th bookcase this week for our living room so now, most of our books are off the ground and on the shelf. The girls did a wonderful job of organizing by color. My OCD brain is in heaven! Amazingly, they can find the books they want easier because they remember what color they are. Brilliant!

So I found another green drink and the girls can't get enough of this one!
Pineapple puree makes this extra sweet!

I'm a big fan of this ginger paste I found at TJ's. Buying fresh ginger is annoying because I never use it all and it just goes to waste. Plus, you have to peel and grate it. This tube is great because I just use what I need. It's so handy for making teriyaki sauces or any Asian dish. And it tastes just as fresh as buying the root, if not more!

I had to laugh at this sign from a Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin. I love anything pumpkin spice and oh, my, do I love me some tacos but this is soooo true! #nottogether

Ah! The fall finale of THIS IS US was heart-stopping! This is the only show Morgan and I watch together every week. It has so many layers! It's deep, heart-pulling, and funny. The writing is incredible (and unpredictable) and all the actors are so good! Can't wait for the new season on Jan. 10th! If you haven't seen any of the episodes, do yourself a favor and start with #1! #savetoby  

Faith had her first duet recital with her new piano teacher last weekend. She did great! But she also said that playing a duet is MUCH harder than playing by yourself! 😌
Bonus: Starting the new year, her piano teacher is moving to OUR NEIGHBORHOOD, just on the other side of the park! No more driving for me or waking Zach up early from his nap. Woo-hoo!
Such a huge blessing! 

Oh, man. I had one of THOSE days this week where I just wished I had a do-over as a mom. It made me think of this quote and the grace God (and my sweet children) give me daily. #momminainteasy 

So fun when you run into your friends at Dickey's (for Kids Eat Free Sunday!) and get to hold their littlest love. Paislie is so precious! She had all my men smitten. 😍

I can't even count how many pictures I have on my phone of these cute little boy's feet. He likes to sneak my phone off the counter and play with it. 😊 👣📷

Morgan did a great job on our house! It makes me happy to see all the lights. We picked up the reindeer and trees from a yard sale earlier in the year for $5 and the lighted cross was a gift from our dear friends, the Wittes! You can't see our front door wreath in this picture but it lights up, too!

The other night, we took the golf cart out to see the lights around our community. This is the sign at the entrance by the front gate. These lights make me happy, too!

Little hands, Little People, and a little (unbreakable) nativity. ❤ 

And ripped jeans on little boys. 😄 #hiscomfypair

The girls spent the afternoon cooking again with their girlfriends. This time, they made a variety of breakfast casseroles. Yum! Here they are playing a giggly game of Christmas Memory.   

So, every year, it was Grandma's tradition to buy all of her grandkids a new ornament until they reached 18. It was her way of making sure that when they grew up and moved out one day, they'd have at least 18 ornaments for their own tree. So sweet! Well, most of the grandkids are all grown now, except our three. So, I thought I'd take over where grandma left off. She typically liked to give ornaments that represented the true meaning of Christmas (which we loved and appreciated) but this year, I got them "character" ornaments. Sorry, Grandma! The girls are Star Wars CRAZY right now (thanks Blodgett's!) and Zach likes Snoopy. I figured Star Wars and Snoopy have been around for so long already, they'll probably stand the test of time. I hope it'll be fun for them to look back on one day. #wemissyousomuchgrandma

Morgan decorated Zach's casita with lights. Oh, and his beloved flag. ✨😁

Joy and Peace Christmas pillows and the sweetest Shepherd Boy ever!

It's Friday! Which means daddy's home early and it's pizza night over here. Yay! And maybe I'll even stay awake for a Christmas movie, too!

Enjoy your weekend!

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