16 December 2016

Candy Cane Lane 2016

But first, a hot bowl of Pho at Pho Vu.

Two years ago...

My! How time flies!

Zach was excited to be there.

 Merry Christmas!

 The girls enjoyed their stroll while sucking on their candy cane.

 He was totally into it.

Yes, he's one of THOSE kids who HAS to touch everything that catches his eye.

 He found Snoopy. 😄

Sister Sister.

 The Frozen house.

 Love these people!

 The season of twinkle lights and red lipstick. 😍💄

Zach loved the fire truck.

 But his favorite was this oldie but goodie. Santa's workshop! Complete with working dwarfs and trains.

 I think he's going to like the Christmas gift we got him. 😉

Boys and their trains. 🚂💙

 We knew he'd love this last house we visited. He could have stayed there all night!

Candy Cane Lane was all decked out this year! Almost every house was decorated and it was the perfect little walk for Zach. Sadly, the girls are getting a little too old for it, but Zach was the perfect age. Plus, the kid just likes to be outside ALL THE TIME. He had a blast! To see the wonder and joy of Christmas, through the eyes of a toddler is just so precious!

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