04 September 2016

Meal Plan Week #1

For the most part, I've always been a "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of girl when it comes to weekly meal planning. I tried it years ago but it for me, it turned more into daily planning. Hey, at least it's planning! :)

Call me crazy but I kind of enjoy the spontaneity (and often times, the challenge) of whipping up something that afternoon. Although I often let my mood and taste buds dictate the menu, I realize that's not the most efficient (or budget friendly) way of doing things. The truth is, I just don't have the time to go to the grocery store 3 times a week anymore. So, FINALLY (after almost 10 years of being a mom), I've succumbed to weekly meal planning.

Funny, when I told Morgan, he said, "Wait, I thought you've always done a weekly meal plan?" Ha! Fooled him. ;)

It takes me a few minutes each Saturday morning but I intentionally think about our weekly dinners as well as the grocery items I'll need for the week. I look to Pinterest when I need new inspiration and I make my shopping list.

Just for fun, I thought I'd start listing my weekly menu on the blog. Hopefully, it will keep the variety going and hold me accountable to less shopping trips, more planning, and of course, yummy meals!

Week #1
  • -Chicken Spaghetti
  • -Turkey Chili
  • -BBQ Chicken Sandwiches (in the crock pot)
  • -Enchilada Lasagna (new recipe)
  • -Chicken Tacos (in the crock pot)
Can't wait to try this Enchilada Lasagna!

Each week I'm only listing 5 dinner entrees. I want to make it easy for me to be accountable so listing side dishes (and possibly, dessert) becomes too cumbersome. Also, let's be real.... some nights there are no sides and most nights, there is no dessert. :P

Also, I'm only listing 5 dinners because inevitably, there is a 6th night of eating leftovers, or what I like to call a "smorgasbord." The 7th night, we might go to Dickey's (Kids eat FREE on Sundays) or do something easy like order pizza. This is not a usual occurrence but one can dream! :)

I also did not specify certain dinners for specific days of the week. Having all the ingredients on hand makes it easy to choose what I feel like making on a specific day. Sometimes, I'll take a vote, other times, it just depends on my mood. A girl likes to have her choices. :)

So there you have it! I'm making the above list #1 since school is "officially" starting this week and we can feel the seasons changing! In fact, the girls said the pool was COOL this afternoon!

It was 84 degrees. :P

Hey, that's better than the 90 degree "bath water" we've had all summer. We'll take it!! :))

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