17 March 2016

Happy Adoption Day, Girls!!

Look at these two! Time flies!

Celebrating Adoption Day through the years...

Grace and Zach.... These two have a special bond.

After church, we headed to Richie's for the girls' favorite meal of the day, breakfast!

 Indulging in a GIGANTIC cinnamon roll.

Love my sweet family.

After a delicious breakfast (which was in the mall), we informed the girls that Grandma was very excited for their birthday because she was going to get them a gift card to Claire's SO THEY COULD GET THEIR EARS PIERCED!!

Faith has been mentioning it for a while now and Grace has been on the fence about it (mostly due to the perceived pain involved). I thought we might wait until age 13 but apparently, Daddy said, "Sure, why not?!" :))

Sooo, since we were already in the mall, we told them that if they wanted to get it done, we could do it right then.  

A short walk down from Richie's and we were the first customers that morning at Claire's.

Faith decided to be brave and go first.

No pain and no problem at all!

She chose crystal daisies. Of course she did! :)

Next, Grace asked if daddy would hold her hand.

Poor thing was scared!

She did great and said it only hurt afterwards when it throbbed a little. She chose pink sapphires. SO HER!

Our girls are growing up right before our eyes. We are SO proud of the young ladies they are becoming!

Later in the afternoon, Morgan took them to an afternoon movie, where they enjoyed watching Kung Fu Panda 3.

Another Adoption Day celebration has come and gone... meaningful and one to remember, for sure!

One of the best days EVER was the day we came home from Korea as a family of four.

Love you so much, girls!!

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