23 February 2016

Paint Nite

"Our Bench"
This was our group painting for the night.

Working on my Caribbean blue sea.

  My sweet girlfriend, Melissa joined me.

 Nearly done.


Melissa and I have been trying to get together for a night of painting (and catching up) since last year. We were finally able to pull it off this week and I have to say, it was so much FUN!

Faith and Grace have a TENTH birthday coming up soon (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??)

We decided on a paint/horse themed party so I've hired Melanie, a professional artist to come and teach a paint class to the kids. We are so looking forward to it! In the meantime, I decided why not go check out one of her classes for myself and meet her before the party?

Well, it was a win-win! Not only was it a fun way to hang out with my girlfriend, Melissa but Melanie was a delightful teacher and the kids will all enjoy her. 

This was my first ever paint class and I had a GREAT experience! I'm typically the person that no one wants as a partner for Pictionary. In other words, I can't draw to save my life! However, with each stroke of the brush, I started to feel a bit more free and confident. Less stressed out about making a mistake. Ha! :)

This might have been my first paint class but hopefully, not my last!

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