08 January 2016

The #1 Must-Read Book of the Year

His and Hers.

We're already 8 days into 2016 and boy, were we ready for a new year!

There's no doubt about it, 2015 goes down as one of our most challenging years. Come to think of it, 2014 was hard, too. Don't get me wrong, we were absolutely blessed with times of immense joy and abundant blessing but for much of the year, it felt like we were in survival mode. I know that often comes with the territory when you have a new baby but it was compounded by other factors as well.

Morgan was the busiest he's ever been. As usual, his plate was packed full of responsibilities; at work, home, tending to other family members, as well as managing the remodel of the family Big Bear cabin (which we finally COMPLETED right after Christmas and rented by New Year's weekend... YAY!!). I know they say, "You can't do it all" but over the last 2 years, it sure seems like my husband has. God bless him. He's one hard worker. 

We've also seen more sickness (and death) in these last 2 years than we've ever experienced in the last 20 years together. So yeah, it's been a tough couple of years.  

Of course, God doesn't promise us an easy or comfortable life, does He? For believers, He does, however, promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. Let's face it, this world is full of trials and upheaval. Everywhere we look, there is illness, discord, violence, and sin.  

It definitely makes me long to see Jesus return and His Kingdom come.

Although we'd love to experience a restful and rather boring 2016 (not really) something tells me, God has other plans. Life doesn't seem to get any easier.  

We spend much of our time trying to avoid suffering but this is the very place where we see God so clearly. He gives us perseverance, perspective, and breath. It makes me think that perhaps we should fear complacency or if we never suffered, instead?

Whether you've just come out the greatest year of your life or you are incredibly glad to see the year is finally over, one truth still rings clear no matter what...We need God more than ever.

What better way to have a deeper understanding of His character than to read His Word. I don't know about you but sometimes, the storms of life have a way of tossing us to and fro. In good times or bad, I want to be anchored firm to the Rock of Ages.

I don't have the luxury of leisurely reading just yet but the bible is my #1 must-read book of the year. I've been spending the first part of my mornings with my new One Year Bible. So far, it's been a great new habit and I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do in and through me this year.

So yeah, welcome 2016!

No matter what this year holds, may our souls be ANCHORED FIRM in the HOPE of all that is JESUS.

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