24 February 2014

Sandy Shoe Church BBQ


By God’s grace and favor, our church has acquired some new property to build upon… twenty acres to be exact!

We recently closed escrow on the land and celebrated by having a church barbeque on the new site.

We were told by our pastor, “Wear comfy shoes and do NOT wash your car this week.” :) 


Church BBQ 005

The new land is on an old Palm Garden & Nursery.


Church BBQ 009


Church BBQ 010


Church BBQ 013

We were encouraged to walk the entire property and pray over what God might build and bring to this oasis. 


Church BBQ 016

Sweet sisters.


Church BBQ 019

Edward, our worship leader is so good with the kids. He gave them an opportunity to sing worship songs and it was Ellie’s first time picking up the mic and singing for us!


Church BBQ 020

The kids had an absolute blast today! They got the freedom to explore the grounds and have a ball. All they needed for fun was sticks, dirt, and a little imagination.

Our church body is growing by leaps and bounds and it was so fun to see everyone come together to celebrate what God is doing. 

We are so grateful to be a part of a loving church family that uncompromisingly teaches the Living Word of God!

Exciting stuff!!

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