14 December 2013

Gingerbread Mini Village

Salvation Army 004

Salvation Army 005

Salvation Army 006

Salvation Army 016
Why is it that every year we forget you have to wait an hour before the walls can set up!
Part 2… the next day!
Salvation Army 022

Gingerbread Houses 003

Gingerbread Houses 004

Gingerbread Houses 006
Well, I went “El Cheapo” this year and bought ONE gingerbread house kit for both the girls. In the past, they were little so decorating one house together always worked just fine. Last year, we were gifted an extra kit so the girls actually had their own to decorate for the first time.
This year, I picked up a mini village that contained 4 itty bitty houses.
The girls really enjoyed having 2 little houses each to decorate. And, they said they were very grateful to have any at all. :)   
Always a fun holiday tradition!      

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