08 November 2013

Got Truth?

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh: young husband, father of twins, talk radio host, speaker, and blogger. Heard of him?

If you are not familiar with his blog, he writes with moxie, and often, a good dose of sarcasm. He calls himself a “professional sayer of truths”. I have been thoroughly enjoying his thoughts and writings! 

I call him refreshing, relevant, and necessary in our culture today!

Check out some of his recent articles:

Jesus Christ is not Mr. Rogers 

An Open Letter to President Obama

You might enjoy other gems like…

Dear Daughter, You’re Beautiful Regardless of What the Media Tells You

Dear Son, Don’t Let Robin Thicke Be a Lesson to You

And most notably, his recent post that went viral…

You’re a Stay at Home Mom, What do you DO all day?

I love that he writes on a variety of different topics. Everything from homeschooling, vaccinations, politics and abortion. 

The world certainly needs more Truth Sayers! 

Bravo, Matt!

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