21 September 2017

Melissa's Birthday!

On Sunday, my girlfriends and I got together to celebrate Melissa, my beautiful soul sister!

 Cheers! The gang's all here!

 The restaurant brought us out this delicious dessert of chocolate mousse and caramelized waffle with syrup and berries. OH MY!!  

 May all your birthday wishes come true, sweet friend!

And then Jill baked us all these individual coconut cakes with lemon curd and raspberries to take home.
My family was so happy!
Thanks so much, Jilly. You're the best!   

The birthday girl chose lunch at Si Bon... Again!
That's 3x's in a row at Si Bon for our birthday lunch bunch. Yes, it's THAT good!

Melissa grew up as an only child and I grew up with a brother so we both agree that it's so nice to have a "sister" in each other. Like sisters, we're very close... and we also love to share clothes!

She's a trusted friend who's wise beyond her years, full of grace and encouragement, and beautifies my life in every way. I'm just so blessed to do life with her!

Happy Birthday, dear friend!

I love you and I thank God for you.

20 September 2017

First Week Back to School

Last week, after taking 6 weeks off, the girls officially started back to school. I've got a lot on my plate this year so this was the perfect verse from my One Year Bible reading that morning to kick things off.

I like to make the first day back special so we started off with a fall favorite... Pumpkin Pancakes with cinnamon syrup! Yum! My breakfast loving girls also had bacon, fruit, and not pictured-- pumpkin spiced yogurt! #hellofall

Give him all the pumpkin and cinnamon spice, too!

Then I had the girls fill out this interview to start the year.
A special thanks to my friend, Hailey for creating it!  

I just loved their answers! I keep this in their school file so it'll be fun to look back on as they get older.

 We snapped a couple of photos to mark the beginning of 6th grade. My beautiful growing girls!!

The preschooler wanted to get in, too.

The kids had a light day as we eased our way back into a full schedule each day.

Zach worked on his letter of the week. Technically, this was his second week of school.

 He sorted his big B's from his little b's.

Cute little thing.

He played outside and we welcomed fall by hanging up our fall wreath.

 He practiced some glue sticking skills.

B is for Bear!

Later in the week, he had fun with watercolors.

 We're all so pumped to start CBS! Year #8, we're coming for you!
(And I can finally wear my hair down without sweating to death!)

 Love these sweet friends.

First day of class for me and my crew. 💕💕

And guess what?
It FINALLY cooled off around here so our golf cart adventures have resumed!
Yes, we are that wild, crazy, and LOUD family in our neighborhood. Ha!

Praise the Lord, our first full week back was fantastic! 
We're looking forward to all that the Lord will do, in us and through us, this year!

17 September 2017

Summer's Last Stand Part 4

On one of our last days, Morgan found an aviation museum in Miramar for our airplane loving boy.

 They even let you sit inside the cockpit of these military planes.

 Zach kept wondering why it wouldn't fly? 😄

Here he is, climbing on board and peeking inside.

 How incredible to think of the countless soldiers who either died or were rescued in this aircraft.

The cockpit.

Me and my girls.

 Next to each aircraft, there was a sign that explained the name, details, and what the plane was used for, as well as the particular war it was used in.

Zach said the shark was smiling. 😀

My little hero.

Fun little gift shop, too!

We were totally blown away by the caliber, quality, and commitment of this museum. Especially since it was FREE! The military history was enlightening and the hands on experience just made the planes come to life. In the end, we walked away with a greater appreciation and thankfulness for the brave men and women in our military.  

 Next, we hit Balboa Park to ride the carousel and the train.

 We walked around for a bit afterwards but someone got really hot and cranky so we called it a day and headed back to the resort. 😏

So there you have it. This marks the end of our vacation photos. Hey, despite the phone incident, I still had a ton of pictures! Imagine that. Ha! We really packed in a ton of fun things on our week away. Only a few short steps from our villa, we had a rec center where there were various activities each day. We played pool, ping pong, and discovered a game that all 5 of us could play and enjoy together... Foos-ball! With two of us on each side, Zach stands on a chair and plays for a side as well. I'm pretty sure the employees thought we were one LOUD and crazy family. We also had the cool experience of being immersed in virtual reality for the first time. We're still laughing about the fact that I was screaming and almost fell over in my alpine skiing attempt, dodging imaginary trees. 😂 The employee almost had to pick me up off the ground! The girls also participated in things like Science Lab and Spy Camp (learning how to be a spy.) One night, Morgan even took the girls to an escape room, right on the resort. They said it was awesome!

The Welk had plenty for us to do and we made the most out of our last vacation of the summer.  

But see this cute little guy? He doesn't sleep well when he's away from home. He's way too big to fit in a pack n' play so he has to sleep with one of us in bed. He also happens to be the world's lightest sleeper EVER. He wakes up and frets, even when you sneak way to use the bathroom in the middle of the night! It's also difficult for him to take naps away from home unless someone is sleeping with him.
So despite all the fun things we did on vacation, we were thrilled to be going home so everyone could get some sleep... in their own beds! Ha!

After sleeping in his own bed and bedroom, he was one happy kid. Happy kid=happy mom=happy family! Vacations are fun and memorable (this one was no exception!) but HOME is the sweetest place to be!

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